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Windbreak Panels

If you need to replace an existing windbreak, or if you want a windbreak that you can move quickely and easily, then the Plus One windbreak is an excellent choice for you. It is easy to install and easy to take down. In addition, it will protect more cows than traditional soild windbreaks.

The Plus One windbreak works by letting part of the wind through the windbreak. This equalizes the pressure on the two sides of the windbreak and prevents the wind from rushing to the backside of the windbreak like it will on a solid fence or building. This design also prevents snow from swirling and drifting on the backside of the windbreak. These two key advantages mean that your Plus One windbreak will protect your animals better than a solid windbreak would.

Plus One Windbreak at work!Panels connect with a pin, just like portable corral panels! 

A new way to build windbreak and snow fence, it is easy to install, easy to move, and easy on the wallet.

Panels are self supporting; you only need light posts on the end for portable windbreaks.

This windbreak is built on the same principle as other highly effective windbreak products, the difference is the price; ours is about half.

"Portable Panel "Winbreak!Features:
*All steel construction with Heavy duty 2" x 2" square tube frame;
*20ga wind break slates; 
*Windbreak is designed to maximize wind protection for a given area;  *Also designed to minimize snow drifting over the same area; 
*Can be permanently istalled or used as a portable windbreak.

This windbreak will out perform any similar windbreak anywhere. For effectiveness, economy and quality, there is nothing better!  The Plus One windbreak will maximize the amount of animals that are protected. It's hard to give an exact number on the amount of animals that can be protected, but, in a stong wind, the area of effective protection is almost 3 times larger than with standard solid windbreaks. In addition to being a better windbreak, it is a better drift fence too. In a blizzard the snow piles up behind solid windbreaks, but the Plus One windbreak pushes the drift out from the fence line. this makes for a shallower, much less severe drift.  The Plus One windbreak is easy to install as permanent windbreak, or in can be used as quickly moveable protable windbreak.

Feel free to stop on by and take a look at our samples, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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